Valentine’s day, every day.

A day to love and to be loved,
I wish couples love each other not because of the calendar
But because they truly love each other.
Love is more than roses and chocolates,
Love is an emotion that probably nobody has ever felt to the fullest.

I can honestly say I felt it,
It was beautiful.
It’s one of the most beautiful emotions that life offered me.
I can almost say that it was magical.

For love to be truly magical,
It has to be experienced by both partners, not just one.
Like many other people out there,
I gave everything I had.
I was not waiting for something in return,
All I wanted was a hug and a kiss.
I guess I asked for too much.

This day marks almost 3 years without her.
I loved her like it was Valentine’s day, every day of my life,
And this is what I got from loving her more than I loved myself.
An emptiness that can’t never be filled.

So today is a day of love,
A day for joy and affection.
Do you have someone to love?
If so,
Love them like it was Valentine’s day, every day
Because love is fragile,
You never know when it will fly away from you.

“It’s sad really that you will never know how much I loved you.”
Manuel Osornio

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