Mother’s Day Every Day

Mother’s day is not just today

Mother’s day is always

Every day, every hour

It’s time to celebrate.

I am sick and tired of people celebrating one day

What about the 359 other days?

What do you tell your mom?
Do you stress her out with your crap and make her explode like a dirty bomb?

Do me a favor

Tell her you love her every day, don’t be a faker.

That woman next to you or far away

Gave her dreams away for you

And some of you only gave her days full of blue.

Get up, hug her if she is close to you and tell her sorry for all those painful days and night you cause her

If she is far away, pick up the phone and open your heart to her cause she deserve so much more than those words full of meaningless blur.

Every day is mother’s day

Don’t forget that even if you lost your way.

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