My world without you.

I felt so much when I read this. It is another old piece that i want to share with you guys. Enjoy.


I remember the sunny days
Where everything was joy.
I remember the day
We build the swing
Under the old tree
I was so ecstatic.

Now everything is so different,
So dark and empty.
The swing is still there,
But only brings sad memories.

Could you understand?
Let me describe my world to you:
Everything is so dark,
So full of fog and emptiness.
I still swing in the old swing
Not with a smile
But with tears in my eyes.
The tree remains me so much about you,
And the different things we did.
I know I will never see the sun,
But I continue swinging
In the emptiness of the night.

My world is so cold and empty,
Full with despair and silent screams.
Can you picture it?
Do you see what I feel?
The coldness and the darkness don’t bother me,
But the memories we shared do.

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