For You

Another oldy.


I thought I could see you without feeling any pain

But my positive thoughts were in vain.

It hurts seeing you today

It wasn’t like the other day.

I saw you once and that was enough to make me want to cry

But my tears I did dry.

Why can’t you be for me?

Why didn’t God hear my plea?

I am afraid I will remove myself from that situation

Cause I don’t have control over my sensations.

As soon as you got into the room, I could smell your perfume

And I could feel the gloom.

I heard your laughter

And into darkness I fell faster.

Every time I heard your voice my heart was cracking

I feel my world blacken.

You already know my feelings for you

So is pointless to hide your name from the world.

Every night I speak your name “NANCY”

And I can hear…

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2 thoughts on “For You

  1. when i try to close my eyes i see you
    when my eyes are open you are as if in front
    you left me in the middle of journey
    but never will i make you feel guilty
    i never knew what love was
    so i thank you for teaching me love
    i never knew the way to love myself
    but your leaving me teaches me to love myself as i heal

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