Storm inside my heart

It always rains inside my heart.
Part of me has been taken away
And I don’t know how to continue my journey any more.
I live in the ruins of my mind,
On the constant happiness that once was.
Now I understand that everything was fake,
A mere illusion you craftily constructed to get what you wanted from me.

I have to continue living as a pretender.
I pretend everything is fine.
I pretend that I am over you.
I even pretend that life will bring something new.
I fake a smile and pretend to laugh.
Nobody will understand the storm that is raging inside my heart.
Why even bother to explain,
It’s just easier to pretend that everything is OK.

It always rains inside my heart
Because you clouded my sky
With the memories of what It was.
Why can’t my soul move on?
Why can’t I forget your fake kisses and embraces?
I must endure the storm inside my heart
And then count what is left of me.

“Memories are painful reminders of what it was, of the illusions of yesterday.”

Manuel Osornio

4 thoughts on “Storm inside my heart

  1. Different parts spoke to me…too much to explain, but I’ll tell you what I miss.
    I miss my life with my kids, as a single mom. I married my ex-husband. He doesn’t “fit.”
    I miss the laughter that filled our house.
    I miss a life I can never go back to and so do my kids.
    So, I’m making the most of this foreverness, pretending…for now.

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