It’s The Questions That Drive Us

It’s the questions that drive us,
But we don’t discuss.
It’s the questions that give meaning to our lives,
Not the answers that gives.
Without questions the meaning of life is lost,
It could be such a horrible holocaust.
Question yourself in everything you do,
All the answers are deep within, all you have to do is follow the clue.
Don’t look outside of you,
Cause outside it’s just a zoo.
Everyone follows and have forgotten  about their curious nature,
We are not just a simple creature.
We have been endowed with intellect and reason,
Not just to be used in one season.
Let the questions drive your life,
And stop living a lie.

6 thoughts on “It’s The Questions That Drive Us

  1. and most people NEVER ask questions in fact I have been told ‘stop asking so many questions’ now that worries me and that is why the road you go down is the RIGHT road my friend

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    1. It’s a sign they are afraid or they wish to ignore reality, that is why you should remember, you are being truthful and if suddenly, truth is withheld, that is not a good thing

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