Learning From Misery

I have come not only to understand, but to learn
That it takes so much time for a human being to discern.
We have to go through a lot of pain
So we can remove the invisible chains.
Some may never learn even if they experience emotional death
Even if they are out of breath.

If I could help people not to fall into the same cycle
And continue the downward spiral
I would give my life so nobody would fall down here
In this place where all you want is to disappear
I have spent so many years here
That everything seems like a blur.

Even thought I live in a land full of painful memories
I am learning so much from this misery.
I know now, wisdom is pain
In the end the inner knowledge will be gained.
All of my rainy days will not be in vain
Eve if at times I get emotionally drained.

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