Passion Of The Notes

I always wanted to play the piano, I was just a teen
But I could never stoke the keys with passion.
I wanted to close my eyes and make love to the notes
I just wanted to feel close to them like most.

Often, I cursed myself cause I just wanted to feel the passion of the notes in my heart
I wanted to know how it felt to master that art.
I listened to Chopin endlessly
I felt so much ecstasy.
It was an orgasm to my ears
It transported me to a place with no fears.

“If this is the way I feel by listening to it, how would I feel if I could play?” where my thoughts
Every time I tried my fingers ended up in knots.
I never learned
I felt so deformed.
I just wanted to feel the passion of the notes
But now I feel the passion of the words.
Even thought I made love to the words
I often wonder, “how would it feel to feel the touch of the notes?”

7 thoughts on “Passion Of The Notes

  1. Words feel liberating, music feels mind freeing – every time I pick my guitar, I always start a song I can play with my eyes closed and I just enjoy the sound of the familiar tune – oblivious of the fingers’ work as they are set on autopilot. Then I move to songs I need to practice and don’t think of nothing but the musical entity we form.

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      1. Thank you 🙂 your reflexion inspired me. My guitar and I are soul mates. Though it is a late blooming relationship. I have only started playing recently – 9 months ago. Maybe you should give another instrument a go 🙂

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