God or Portion Of God?

“I am God” some declare
As their ignorance, they wear.
We are a portion of God
That I can applaud.
I am a piece of him and he is a piece of me
This is why we all strive to be free.
Everyone attempts to understand him
They even sing hymns.
How can they understand an infinite being
If they don’t listen, they are all lost speaking?
Why do they call it God and not a Goddess?
Isn’t the feminine energy the one that give us life and even promise?
Something to consider before you declare that you are God
Don’t be afraid of your view to be broad.

5 thoughts on “God or Portion Of God?

  1. I never liked people that think too high of themselves. I love humbleness, and honesty, And that’s why I love what you write and keep reading as I go from last to first post, even though is so late and I must go to sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

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