Big Deal, Tiny Thoughts

Tiny filth thoughts of self harm get stuck in my mind
Try to devour every inch of my serenity like a hungry ghost wanting more and more.
So small, so minute the thoughts, yet they make me blind
Reality shrinks and living becomes a chore.

The archives of my memory get burned just to tame the unwanted thoughts
Today, nothing seems to work.
As I rest in the dark
The hope of a better tomorrow will be kept alive even if my WILL is full of knots.

It would be an insult to myself if I gave up today
Winners never quit and quitters never win.
These tiny little thoughts will be turned into clay
And the powerful winds of my faith will scatter them before their destruction begins.

I am aware of them, I can’t let them grow or else they will cause destruction
Better put an end to them before they get out of control.
Wish all of this was fiction
This is the life I live, regardless of the sorrow, I am thankful for the known and the unknown.

“Tiny thoughts of misery
You will not be part of my history.”

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