What Happen To The Giant

An emotion with human form
Created a deadly storm.
My soul, left deform
A pain, a sorrow that couldn’t be ignored.

The major figures in my life, never there
Yet I still dared
Not only to believe, but to compare,
What others had and I did not.

To me, a giant he was
Powerful and creator of the laws.
To me, he was commander of the air and sand
A hero and super human in my unconscious land.

But I grew and that hero, that giant
Became nothing more than silence;
With no decisions and at times no ambitions
What happened to his mission?

Did he shrink or did I grow?
Did he become his own foe?
What happened to you, dad?
What happened to the determination you had?

7 thoughts on “What Happen To The Giant

      1. I think so. Your writing is great! Although, it’s kind of a sad “aww”. Growing up, some of us realize how human our parents are. “Did he shrink or did I grow?”

        Liked by 1 person

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