No Identity Or Decision

Never go with the flow
Never imitate a clone, it will show.
Mimicking their steps will never take you to the next step
If so, what would be next.
Mindless, nothing more than a copycat,
It is better to analyze and question, do it, you will not become an insomniac.

As a child, you did exactly the same as another
Coping even your sister or brother.
No identity or decision
Yet you did have a vision
But they told you to conform and be like the others; copycat
So you sat……….
You sat and waited
And waited till your dreams fated so you could become the best; copycat.

Imitation will always lead you to nowhere
Dare to be you, even if you get called a square
Just dare and then share
But be aware,
The road is full of clones
And they will throw stones.

Of the few…

Published by: emotionsoflife2016

Hello, my name is…………. Wait a minute. My name is not important. I’m a wounded soul that loves to write everything that comes to my mind and what's more important, to my heart. I know some of the things I write are stupid and they may not even make sense to other people, but they make sense to me and that’s what matters. I am new to writing on the internet, so if you guys see any mistakes in my writing, please feel free to message me and give me your corrections. I am a firm believer in learning as much as possible from as many people as possible.

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