I…… was the witness of such atrocity
The action….such monstrosity.
Worse than being bludgeoned on the head by an iron club
No, this did not happen in a night club.

During the deep unconscious conflict
The victim became an addict.
Addicted to the pain
Inflicted by the unseen hand.

Invisible warriors tried to bludgeon their enemy with their weapons
Always trying to extinguish his essence.
The victim……. Unarmed
His pride…… deformed.

I could have done something to end that massacre
But I was just a passenger.
I was hypnotized by the new atmosphere
A brand new stratosphere.

You want to know something strange?
I was the victim, I was the addict, I refused to change
I just couldn’t accept life’s interchange
Couldn’t see, couldn’t manage.

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