Philosophy #66

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Should we kill coma patients on life support to provide more resources to others?

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Por favor, deje sus pensamientos en los comentarios, me gustaría saber más acerca de sus pensamientos.

¿Deberíamos matar a los pacientes con coma en apoyo vital para proporcionar más recursos a otros?

10 thoughts on “Philosophy #66

  1. As we say, death is a right! People have the right to end their own suffering. Although this is a very deep and difficult question, specially if the coma patient is a loved one, but killing a terminal phase patient to end the pain should not be seen as bad !

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  2. Politicians world wide have created a mythology of more limited supplies than are actually true. The economics of power and greed restrict supply to control others. I can see no justification for termination based on economic concerns, this is the first step toward genocide and culling of the disabled & disadvantage.

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  3. As Forrestgump says, life is like a box of chocolates, we never know what we’re going to get. I would say no termination of life in any form. Death the end will come in it’s own design and we must comprehend this truth.

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