Walking With A Pure Heart

A heart free of deceit
Yet, you can hear the beat.
Free from hypocrisy
Governed by inner theocracy.
Heart and mind; both sides, deeply in earnest
Helping all the senses, even burning.

With purity of thoughts and a heart free of falseness
He walks through the polluted world trying not to be infected by the thoughtless.
Pretending to know and understand the reason why sincerity disappeared
Sincere!!!, Sincere!!! Such purity in the word. All of this moral destruction could have been prevented, if only they cared.”
He murmured as he saw the emptiness in their eyes
Empty……. Empty cries.

A sincere effort was made
But nobody saw it as an aide,
Perceived more as an insult by the so call intellectuals
And a blasphemy for the religious “To sexual”
They cried out.
“But what is sexual about a pure connection
Between body, mind and heart? Point me in the right direction.”
He murmured as he walked away
To face another day……
Yet, in complete control.

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