Purity In A Child

Look at that child, never judging,
Always liking or finding the enjoyment of the taste of something.
They have no relish for obscene comments
Their mind, pure and clean, no nonsense.

They don’t understand life or perhaps they do
But they find it pleasing nonetheless, no clue, but not blue.
Their little hearts always full of joy,
Always ready to share it, even if they have no toy.

Life changes or do we allow life to shape us?
We used to be that little child, carefree, no inner fuss
Always on the go and ready to discuss
“Mommy, Daddy; WHY, WHY, WHY” we drove them nuts.

There is only one thing I would like to know
Why did we allow the adult world to extinguish our glow?
Why did we grow afraid to tell our ideas, to show?
Why do we move slow?
We owe those answers to ourselves cause that child was us, long long ago.

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