No More!!!!!!!

I see now what you did to me
Everything is clear now.
I am taking back my life
And all my senses.
You no longer rule my inner world
You took my life from my heart and turned it into an underworld.
NO MORE!!!!!
To your memory I close the door.

I am crossing the cosmic seas just to leave you behind
The cosmic wind
Will guide my heart now.
This oath I avow
So hear my heart roar
Cause I am no longer on the floor.

I am in a mystic cycle now
Walking in truth and not lies.
I may be too late, but now I understand your intentions
And all your interventions.
Little by little your memories I am putting behind
Never forget what you did to me, keep it in mind.

En Español:

Ahora veo lo que me hiciste
Todo está claro ahora.
Estoy tomando de nuevo mi vida
Y todos mis sentidos.
Ya no gobiernan mi mundo interior
Tomaste mi vida desde mi corazón y lo convirtió en un submundo.
¡¡¡¡¡NO MÁS!!!!!
A tus memorias les cierro la puerta.

Estoy cruzando los mares cósmica sólo para dejar atrás
El viento cósmico
Guiará mi corazón ahora.
Este juramento Confieso
Así que escucha mi corazón rugir
Porque yo ya no estoy en el suelo.

Estoy en un ciclo mística ahora
Caminando en verdad y no mentiras.
Puede que sea demasiado tarde, pero ahora entiendo tus intenciones
Y todas sus intervenciones.
Poco a poco tus recuerdos Estoy poniendo detrás
Nunca olvides lo que me hiciste a mi, tenlo en cuenta.

14 thoughts on “No More!!!!!!!

  1. Wonderful. . Its so so difficult to reach to that stage for one person while the other one doesnt even know what all the person is going through.. but life is like dat.. I am thankful to all those people who hurt me or took advantage of me when I showed them my vulnerabilities for I know now sharing a peice of myself is only for special people..not all deserve it

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  2. This is fantastic. I’ve been here. I know these feelings. They are fierce and raw and powerful. Taking back your strength means you are moving forward. Not easy, always painful, but you are doing it, one step at a time. ❤

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