The Only Salvation

Polluted ground cover in such delicate matter,
Such a soft and light layer of snow; impurity shatter.
Expectation renewed,
Hopes for a new dawn can’t be allude.
There must be something beautiful behind all this mental pollution
Even the shadows know there is a solution, there is absolution.

The power of intuition gets heightened with the clean smell of winter
Anticipation for something better or is it just an invisible splinter?
Pieces of purity continue falling and nobody hears the melody they play
Such a beautiful tone introduced in advance of its harmony, night and day.

Empty street,
Heart skips a beat,
Perfect scenario to be in;
A wounded soul and the purity of the snow.
A connection that nobody sought,
An invisible glow,
A smile that continues to hide,
But not in winter; delight all inside.
Mental migration?
Different narration?
Wherever it is; the only salvation.


Published by: emotionsoflife2016

Hello, my name is…………. Wait a minute. My name is not important. I’m a wounded soul that loves to write everything that comes to my mind and what's more important, to my heart. I know some of the things I write are stupid and they may not even make sense to other people, but they make sense to me and that’s what matters. I am new to writing on the internet, so if you guys see any mistakes in my writing, please feel free to message me and give me your corrections. I am a firm believer in learning as much as possible from as many people as possible.

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