Senses On Overdrive

Question marks sharply affecting my organs,
Such penetrating power; unknown forces.
Not even the biting cold makes the difference,
The biting sensation getting deeper and deeper; senses no longer in indifference.

Like acrid smoke from burning rubber,
The pictures become vivid, but toxic; melting color.
Acutely distressed mind?
Caustic, biting or sharply expressive? Perhaps, but still not blind.
Invisible marks or pungent mental remarks?

Everything becomes mentally stimulating,
Senses on overdrive, even the invisible becomes appealing.
Keen perception, expression of those connections;
Ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure? Perhaps recollections,
But still piercing every sense, every organ;
Now, sitting in the shower, everything becomes uncertain.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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