Aren’t You Tired Of The Crawl?

The kindness in a person and even in society is gone,
The concern for what is regarded as beautiful has diminished.
Brothers and sisters die and we…….we move on,
Every aspect of our existence is seen as a business;
Unfinished and it does not have a limit.

Did we lose our sense of culture?
Did we even have a culture or is everything an illusion?
Always worry about sex, political views and even color,
Why not break that allusion?
Together we are strong,
And yet we chose to stand alone,
All cause we can get along.

That which is excellent and beautiful in each of us
Needs to be shared with others,
Completely free from doubt and inner fuss,
It is possible; mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
This particular form of our civilization will be remembered
But only if we can come together and refuse to surrender.

The behaviors and beliefs need to be put away for a minute,
Let each one of us have a piece of the fruit,
And then maybe we will be able to distinguish between us and the diluted truth.
Let us improve our minds,
To develop forward the real meaning of all.
Together everything can be aligned,
There still is time; aren’t you tired of the crawl?

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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