Philosophy #85

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Is truth relative, or a matter of opinion?

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¿Es la verdad relativa, o una cuestión de opinión?

11 thoughts on “Philosophy #85

  1. Wow, good question. I would say, it depends on the topic. For example, in science the truth is whatever has been proven up until that moment. Like when people once believed the earth was flat. That was their truth.
    When it comes to relative topics, like if you like a movie or not, the truth is when what you say agrees with how you feel. For example, if you lie about liking a movie. The movie may have seemed bad to others as well, but that doesn’t mean saying you liked it isn’t a lie.
    But on the other hand, if you lie about an event that actually happened, like saying you didn’t commit a crime when you did, well then, there are no variations to the truth, are there.
    All and all, I guess it’s a complicated issue.

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  2. I am more scientific, I need proof before I believe. (Good post idea 😉) so I believe relative. But will do more thoughts on this and do a post. Great post

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