Inner Procession

An impressive display,
Not just of WILL but of conquer emotions.
Fallen but never betray,
Lack of motions, but never lack notions.

A wide-range of things did go wrong,
But still strong.
Digested the realization; refuse to belong,
Just can’t go along.

The overpower panoply of the inner procession was felt,
The insecurities; melt,
But still a glimpse of indecision hid.

No special armor or protective covering of any kind,
Only a strong mind,
Unwilling to walk blind;
A deep refusal to stay confined,
Even if that was the procession’s designed.

Yet, after all had passed,
After the battle of million questions that were never asked,
Still the dazzling display of the procession causes a blast,
A long and hard inner hit, that continues breaching the present, the future, and even the past.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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