Mighty Raven

Edgar Allan Poe knew what he was doing when he used him,
Couldn’t use any other bird; would have made the poem dim.
He has long been associated with death and dark omens,
And at times even with dark romance,
But the real bird is a mystery
Not like his cousin, the crow; he does have a history.


Possessors of high intelligence,
But that doesn’t take away from their mystery and elegance.
Tells and stories convey the messages that he tries to croak out
If you have any doubt,
Go back and find the mysteries tells
Perhaps you will be able to see the spells.


Mimickers of human speech,
They always teach.
At times their voice they disguise;
Wolves and foxes cries.

Often seen as evil in the flesh
Or the souls of wicked priests.
In other parts of the world seen as damned souls in the flesh,
And even as Satan himself; king of beasts.


Cultures from Tibet to Greece seen them as messengers from the gods.
Celtic goddesses of warfare often took the form of ravens during battles.
Odin had two ravens, Hugin (thoughts) and Munin (memory) which flew around the world, that was part of their odds.
The Chinese said they caused bad weather in the forests to warn people that the gods were going to pass by, almost like rattles.
Native of Americans simply worshiped the raven as a deity.
In other cultures was seen as a trickster without any decency.

Even the Native Americans saw their mischievous nature,
More than just a happy creature.
Always playing in the snow and even with other animals
That howl and growl like the cannibals.
They even make toys, such a rare animal behavior;
A player and a savor but never a trader.


They can live in the snow, in the forest and even in the desert,
Always adaptable.
Lovers of the cold and snow, but also of the dirt,
Its existence is admirable.

Despite their trickster nature,
They seem capable of feeling empathy,
Isn’t it unnatural?
We don’t even know the meaning of sympathy.


“Unkindness” they are called when they are in a flock,
But this bird is more loyal than a dog and stronger than a rock.
Don’t see them as evil or bringer of destruction,
Don’t see them as a demonic seduction.
Don’t let your judgment be abducted when it comes to this marvelous creature,
Edgar Allan Poe saw the creature as something more; learn from the teacher.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

5 thoughts on “Mighty Raven

  1. Thanks for this. It’s sad that we as humans have gotten so far from our instinctual roots where we were close to nature. The times where we commingled with other animals and saw them as something more than simply animals–they had meaning and spirit within them. I still believe this personally, which is why I have been a vegan/vegetarian for so long.

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