Mind, Soul And Body

Devoted to the truth, not to a deity or a religion;
The mission is not clear, but little by little, coming out of the prison.
Perhaps, but it has not been stated.

Reason is entitled to veneration
Or at least respected by association.
Divinity is within us all,
Understand this; our life I beyond sacred, there is no need to crawl,
No need at all.

Opposed to the secular or profane,
But what is secular nowadays?
What is insane or sane?
Nothing is clear these days.

Sacred music, sacred books,
Reverently dedicated to some person, purpose or object,
Do you see the hooks?
Can you see the inconspicuous effect?

Grant yourself the privilege of self-study,
Now that, can be regarded with reverence.
Mind, soul and body,
Could that be the real trinity? Would that thought make any difference?
If not, then remain indifferent.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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