Memory In Physical Form?

To disappear from sight doesn’t mean it is invisible,
It just means you can’t feel it,
Just like the frost vanished when the sun came out; miracle?
Don’t think so, divisible? Perhaps the realization of the REAL got lit?

To go away doesn’t mean your soul would stay,
Furtively or mysteriously you remain there,
And like a thief vanished in the night, your essence never sees the light of day,
But at times waits, on the old chair.

Even your body could disappear by the time you cease to exist,
But that doesn’t mean your journey comes to an end.
Yes, the pain of it all vanished and you will be missed,
But you will have to be ready to walk another path; descend or ascend?

What makes this life so spectacular is that we will vanish,
But in a sense our heart will forever stay…………here,
Like an immortal memory full of bandages, but never damage.
We are a memory in physical form and soon enough, the seer that everyone will remember but nobody will be able to hear.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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