Strange Experience

Strange mystical experience,
The soul was inexperience.
Supernatural agencies?
Perhaps inquiries of beyond; emergencies.

The occult writings,
Offered guidance:
“The soul, YOUR SOUL with the unseen can be united.”
Wicked spiritual symbolism?
A different dogmatism?
Perhaps, a new coping mechanism.

Vivid visions of the hereafter,
Going back and forth with the rhythm of the weeping laughter.
Connected, disconnected?
Perhaps, the mental perceptions got affected
Or infected, perhaps everything inside is subjective.

The message was obscure in meaning,
Hearts from the underworld silently beating.
Mysterious circumstances
Or just a strange mystical experience? What are the chances?

The soul was inexperience,
Did not know the meaning of that experience.
Everything is different now,
The hidden, the unseen is now known.
Soul connected to the unseen?
New scenes can be seen,
Trap in between?

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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