Fight Or Flight

To run away from a mental image,
Swiftly from realm to realm.
Not to mimic or to see any limits,
One last wreck shall overwhelm.

Continuously evading the other figures,
Still feeling their cold, dry fingers,
Their presence is unavoidable,
Their rage uncontrollable.
“Can’t elude us”
Tremendous psychological fuss.

Lack of faith in the future and self-created violence,
Led me to flee the inner sanctuary.
Hiding in the inner sanctity of silence,
It is the only way to carry………
To carry all of this burden that is being shed,
One piece at the time, before the self created illness spreads.

Can’t rush the process,
Cause by pain, darkness and innumerable sorrows I was blessed.
Must admit; at times I still flee,
I know that the incurable pest must be endured and face before I can see.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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