Dress; In Suits Of Arrogant Elegance

They appeared along side my tormented mind,
Judgment and self-doubt; dress all in bespoke suits of arrogant elegance,
Trying not to stay behind.

They used the element of surprise,
Standing tall, acting wise;
Oh!!! But I knew there intentions:
They were too terrible to mention.

They were adamant about their opinion about suicide,
Always removing the question mark from it; they constantly tried.
“The act of killing yourself is the purification of your already dying soul.”
Those were the words that they drilled in every hole.

“There is no future
And you know this to be true; it is no rumor.”
Over and over those tapes were playing in my conscience,
Continually trying to reach my subconscious.

The subliminal orders were stopped,
A different way of experiencing the world was adopted.
Such a coping mechanism to make the music of those old tapes fade away,
Reason still tends to sway,
…………But hopes for a better day………
Have something else to say.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016


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