Mask, Ask

We all wear a mask
We try to pretend that we don’t drink from the same flask.
Look around you and see the fake smiles
You can spot them from miles.

They wear a mask in their eyes
To conceal the lies.
They wear a mask in their mouth
To cover their inner drouth.
Mask within masks
So nobody asks.

I, for once refused to wear it
It hurts a bit
To face the light of truth
But I refuse to cover my emotional imperfections, I did it all my youth
I believe it’s time to face the truth.

What about you?
Are you ready to take it off and see you?
To question why you follow through
Not only with the nonsense, but with the indifference
That something needs to be changed, that we can make a difference
First in ourselves
And then later in the world itself.
What do you say?
Would you take it off and throw it away?

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

En Español:

Todos llevamos una máscara
Nosotros tratamos de fingir que no bebemos del mismo matraz.
Mira a tu alrededor y ver las sonrisas falsas
Puede mancharlos de millas.

Ellos usan una máscara en sus ojos
Para ocultar las mentiras.
Ellos usan una máscara en su boca
Para cubrir su sequía interior.
Máscara dentro de máscaras
Así que nadie pregunta.

Yo, por una vez se negó a llevarlo
Me duele un poco
Para hacer frente a la luz de la verdad
Pero me niego a cubrir mis imperfecciones emocionales, lo hice toda mi juventud
Creo que es hora de enfrentarse a la verdad.

¿Que pasa contigo?
¿Estás listo para quitárselo y nos vemos?
A preguntarse por qué se les da seguimiento
No sólo con el absurdo, pero con la indiferencia
Algo que necesita ser cambiado, de que podemos hacer una diferencia
En primer lugar en nosotros mismos
Y más tarde en el mismo mundo.
¿Qué estás diciendo?
¿Le quitárselo y tirarlo a la basura?

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

12 thoughts on “Mask, Ask

  1. I honestly have more trouble with the fake frowns of the world. The ones who despite ongoing encouragement twist motives like knives into those who care (simply for attention). I believe these are the true ugly ones of the world, the vampires, because they are not truly sad, only fakers and takers without remorse.

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  2. P.S. I’m writing a novel where the protagonist is revealed slowly as the antagonist and vise versa. Above some of my thinking…

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  3. It’s difficult to show your vulnerability, however I wish more people dare to do so…Since only then real honest connections are possible.
    So yes, even with the risk to get hurt (again and again and again) I threw mine away too (again and again and again).

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