13 thoughts on “Philosophy #97

  1. No. Same results. Take any ingredients, mix and a new batter but still something to eat. Well hopefully!! Some of life bitter, others sweet. There is nothing new under the sun. Different packaging is just a trick.

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  2. I say yes and no…average people overall want to stray away from any type of philosophy cuz it makes them feel bad about their actions and instead of being responsible and changing for the best, they deny it’s existence or try to justify with another made up philosophy. The people who love philosophy or live according to one to benefit mankind, these people expand on infinite wisdom and help bring heaven a little closer to earth!

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  3. I feel that maybe philosophy has gone “underground,” or maybe it’s always been there (I don’t really know). I think we are seeing fewer and fewer deep thinkers, because perhaps the shallow side of social media has taken precedence. I for one love to get into philosophical discussions or debates, but I’m finding less and less people who are into it at all. Like, they are afraid to think for themselves, or similar to what “bygracealoneweb” stated. (Great post, by the way!)

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