Moody Silence

Give to gloom
Depression bloom.
Ill humored,
Such powerful mental rumored.

The moody silence,
One of the tyrants.
The truth dressing.

Such a life full of quotations,
Continuously exhibiting the frustrations.
Endless search for meaning in between the quarrel
Immoral or moral?

Not particularly a pleasant place to be,
Yet it gets worse if I refuse to see.
“Temperamental silence,
Stop your roaring and offer me guidance.
The debt was paid to you,
I thought you knew,
What I say to you is nothing more than the truth.

“Removed this sulky weather from inside my head,
The battle is up ahead.
I am one of your slaves, but unleash me just for once,
Let me show them what one warrior can do, just once.

“Thank you…..
Moody silence, here I go, enjoy the view………………!!!”

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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