Tense And Release

Inner emotions relax,
Yet aroused to the max.
Tense and release, tense and release;
Jut like the beating of a tired heart, searching for peace.

To diminish the internal fire;
Fueled by all things admired.
It’s to enforce the inner discipline,
That everything is limitless.

The more we get tense and worry,
The senses and emotions will make everything blurry;
The beasts must be tamed in order to live next to them,
Can’t feel like a scum or let the mayhem make you feel numb
For it will be a chance for them to attack,
And for you to fight back.

Release yourself from inhabitation;
Worry, tension,
It will not help on your ascension.
Tense and release, tense and release,
Sooner or later the tired heart will find peace.

To make the grip of the emotions less tense,
To not be used by the sense,
To avoid any inner offense,
Honor them and relax, let the decompression commence.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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