Without rough motion, no emotion,
Just like staring at the ocean.
Still, nearly still
With pill or without pill.

Calm sea of emotions,
Goal that needs countless devotion.
Motionless day,
Without inner winds, inner storms could lead us astray.

Free from excitement and passion,
Having no self compassion.
Calmness, needed to sail the endless oceans,
Beauty in the inner storms; endless emotions.

Freedom from disturbance; quiet and stillness,
Magical time, see deep within our illness.
Tranquility of the soul,
No foreign loopholes.

Without rough thoughts, no meaning in the mental knots,
Faced, possibility of death, fully connect dots.
Knowing and understanding, storm coming, make sense of all,
Advantageous to bleed, honorable to crawl,
Helps appreciate our fall.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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