Throughout The Years

How to force the agony of another day to go away?
Could be such a powerful strategic withdrawal of it all.
The enemy endures yet another day,
Nobody is going to know why the pride gets so small.

To completely withdraw was to get lost in the crevices of the mind,
Such endless tunnels of exclamation and question marks,
Leaving every single aspect of life undefined,
Just a corpse without a spark.

The library was the only retreat,
The mind needed food as much as the physical body,
Better yet, to keep reason on its feet,
A perfect place to feel holy.

Perfect retreat or an asylum for the insane?
For the once that want to know more; the HOWs, the WHYs
For the ones that are willing to use their brain,
For the ones that found meaning in their cries.

In a way the books have become the only sensible retirement,
The only place where the reflection is not deformed,
My safe haven from violent………………..
Thoughts of self abuse that had formed;
Throughout the years
And solidify by tears.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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