I Am Glad I didn’t

I remember the empty bottles of whiskey
My behavior was risky.
I remember the empty cartons of smokes
There were no hopes.
I remember the sleepless nights
Haunted by the miseries of you and I.
I remember the coldness of my heart
All cause we were apart.
Never knew happiness till I knew you
But at the same time all you cause in me were deep blues.
All the roses you planted deep inside my heart lost their touch and faded away
All cause you walked away.
I still remember the good times we had
The many times we laugh.
I still remember the aroma of your hair
That is all I could smell in the air.
It is hard to live like this sometimes
But I guess I have to pay for my crimes
Crimes that I did not commit
I accept life spits.
You stole my spark
And now I don’t hold anything close to my heart.
I still remember the way I stared at the chromed .45
She was always tempting me to pull the trigger
I am glad I didn’t.

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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