Ovation In The Past

Never thought I could be alive to see purity come into this world,
Such a ceremonial entrance.

Fragile but unwilling to stay curled,
Our eyes meet and as I looked to your mother, we knew; we were parents.

Proceeded to rattle off the names of dozen heroes,
Urging the nurses to stand for an ovation,
But modesty seemed to come only in zeros,
And as I walk out of the room without any complication,
I realize that the journey was just starting; adaptation?

I held such enthusiastic reception,
Such prolonged applause,
As we all mention your name with so much affection,
Then a big pause.

“Hello little one, I am your dad,
I promise to keep you safe,
I will not let anything bad happen to you; nothing bad!!!
You will see that the world is not that unsafe.”

With those words I tried to help you see,
Not only that there was not a reason to cry,
But that there were so many reasons the be……………….
Here……………….. that there were the HOWs and the WHY

Should have believed it myself,
I am sorry if I fail you,
The ovation now lies in the past, up high, in the top shelf,
Closer to the heart, I never drew.

I am sorry…………………..I was not strong enough to carry…………..

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016


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