Memories Of The Loaded Gun

I was once holding a loaded gun against my head
I just wanted to be one of the dead.
At times my reckless behavior I dread
But at that time everything was said.
Think back, it was embarrassing and pathetic to see myself in the mirror
All I saw was my light getting dimmer.
I still can’t find my place in this world
Maybe I belong to the underworld.
I suppose my escape was the mutilation of my flesh
I am not proud of it, but every time I did it, I felt fresh.
My life was obscure, strange, dark and dangerous
And no, I am not adventurous.
I even turn my back on my reflection
For myself, I didn’t feel any affection.
I am the same scare person that once held the loaded gun
But now, I am in a weird way a new one
A new person that analyzes the pain
Now I use my brain
Isn’t strange?

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

6 thoughts on “Memories Of The Loaded Gun

    1. Thank you so much. I was reluctant to post this cause is part of my past but i felt that it need it to be out there. Those were hard times but i am moving slowly but surly. Thank you for liking it and commenting. it means a lot to me. Gratitude

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