Sigh Of The Ticking Clock

Another year goes by,
Clock ticks away, hear the minutes and seconds sigh.

Full of hope, painful to express it at all,
True, at times rather cry and crawl,
Then say “I am thankful to be alive,”
Why is that? Why refuse to strive?

Hopeful words stimulate optimism,”
Can that be viewed as a new form of altruism?
What is happening to us, to the world we live in?
I know you can feel it, I know you feel something underneath your skin,
What is it?
Could it be the pain of others, the suffering of the ones that quit?

Promise ourselves endless advantages and success,
Even say to ourselves “ I will not stress, I will learn to play the game of chess.”
At the end of the day we forget the rules and end up worse than before,
Consuming without providing ourselves with a new door……………..
A new way out of this self-abuse that has become such a pleasure for us all,
In a way we have found a meaning in our fall.

And as I sit in this lonely room
Feeling the year passing me by, I feel the gloom,
But still thankful to have experienced the pain,
For in pain there is so much to gain.

A chain is not a chain just like a prison is not just four physical walls,
Hear the calls and walk the halls.
I am hopeful, not for me, but for this world,
You will turn around this netherworld!!!

Copyright © 2016 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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