Inner Arguments

So many thoughts,
Endless amounts of knots,
Can see them all; crossing,
Screaming in silence; passing.

Some stay others fade during the day,
Forming inner lines, streets, tracks, just molding each other, like wet clay.
How does this hybridization of thoughts and emotions happen?
Is it like I imagine?

Deep contradictions,
Endless arguments; different convictions;
Right, wrong,
Weak, strong,
White or black,
Passive, attack,
Embrace of death or life,
Gun, knife.

So many thoughts and so little time for a deep analysis
All that is left is to see them crossing, right in front of my eyes; paralysis?
Past, present, future, nothing makes sense when the procession of thoughts begins
Thoughts of others? Sins of the parents? Perhaps, many more things.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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