Bitterness and disappointment cling to him and everything he does,
All the inner turmoil makes him second guess as if it was a quiz.
Trying to hold everything tight,
Like children clung to each other in the night.

“Remain close,” he whisper to himself,
As his mind says it all “The riddle as a solution; kill oneself.”
Like a child clinging to her mother’s side,
So he tries to cling to life and what is left of his pride.

Attach to the thought of hope and the memories of old,
He still tries to hold to the good others told………………
Despite the predictions of life,
He still holds his beliefs as tight as a hunting knife.

“Am I trying to hold on to life or to the idea that I’m still alive?”
He ponders on that question while reading the inscription in his wall “SURVIVE!!!”

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016


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