We Only Read The Words

Such an exquisite way her body swayed,
Between his thoughts and intentions,
Painful as well, just like the softest of skins being cares by a blade,
Just two minds, causing so many tensions.

That special beauty, the charm she had in the way she talked,
Like the wind provoking the sun.
Together they walked,
Holding each other’s heart, whispering to each other, “You are the one”

The rare and appealing excellence of the world was not enough,
They wanted a perfect place for their love to grow,
“Life is rough, Why do we have to pretend we are tough?”
She said while looking at the sun; making her brown eyes glow.
“Perhaps that is the test my love, to be able to grow in such a place.”
He said while caressing her face.

And so they walked through the valley of the shadow of death,
Together, pretending their love could endure it all,
At the end; only one saw the light at the other side, one breath………….
But the memory of two hearts, two bodies and two souls that wanted to feel the power of the unseen hall.

So the legend comes to life every day and night,
Of an impossible love of two souls that did not belong in this world,
Can you feel their love? Perhaps not quite,
Cause we only read the words.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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