Was And Is His Marathon

Longer than 26 miles WAS and IS his marathon,
A race for his life.
Nobody even missed him when he was gone,
Not his child, his parents nor his wife.

Indeed, it WAS and IS a race,
An invisible race; against time, against his fears.
While facing the obstacles of his race, he saw death’s face,
Not for a day or two, but for years.

His life became a contest,
An event, greater than normal,
And nobody knew; not from the north nor the west,
For he tried not to be seen so abnormal.

The length of his personal race WAS and IS unknown, even to him,
The only thing known is that it requires exceptional mental and emotional endurance.
At times his chances of winning will look slim,
But he knows that his effort could be a frame of reference,
Not only for himself, but for others…………
His sisters…………..and brothers.

So he continues to run his own personal marathon of life,
Without anyone knowing or seeing how hard he fights,
Against the knife………..
Stuck in his back or the candle lights that help him at nights.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016


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