Beating Of Your Heart

Wherever you do, do anyway
As long as you feel it deep within your heart.
Everything you want to do with your life should be guided by your heart, don’t doubt, don’t sway,
Just listen to the rhythm of his beating that is the start.

Wherever you do, people will criticize,
Why bother; don’t listen to their cries, their lies,
Choose what you want and move forward,
Even if you feel awkward.

Don’t run from your calling,
It is often what we fear the most that we must do,
Just listen to the beating of your heart; the beating.
Don’t give up if you fail, remember; listen to the beat.
Go, go and conquer, just go,
Feel the heat…..
The heat that your heart produces while doing what you love.
I believe in you
Do you?

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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