Machine-Age Aesthetic

Beautiful or ugly,
Skinny or chubby,
Study of the mind,
Sense of beauty while walking blind.

Only concern with notions of beauty.
As if it was everyone’s duty.
Sense of beauty has changed,
It has become an exchanged.

Pure emotion and sensation or pure intellect?
Every single thing has become a sect.
Groups for everyone;
Some respect their pen as a gun
And others rather say “I am done”

We have entered the machine-age aesthetic,
Everything has become genetic.
The destruction of our notions may not sound poetic,
Close your eyes and feel that everything has become synthetic.

Pathetic or prophetic?
The birth of a new philosophy that remains hermetic,
Could be hypothetic,
But the heart feels magnetic.

More than sensations,
See beyond the foundation;
Beautiful or ugly in this machine-age aesthetic.
Walk with us and see beyond the synthetic.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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