Understand The Sentiment

If life is a game, what do you do when you are tired of playing?
How do you explain to others “I am done” without insulting them;
By praying, suffering by staying or simply saying?
Would they ever understand the words, even if they feel numb?

There is a point where the invisible agony pours out and can be seen
Just like a balloon losing air; one second at a time.
A different scene,
An unknown scene where everything seems grim and chances are slim.

At times is not the terror of the pain or the suffering,
But it is the terror of being alive.
Nothing makes sense; images become puzzling
Nothing in life can be aligned.

To fully understand the sentiment
You have to have, personally, been trapped and felt the invisible agony,
Then, maybe then, you can say that you understand the elements;
You will see that it was not apathy.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

2 thoughts on “Understand The Sentiment

  1. Even if one has been to that dark place, fully grasping it…It is difficult, since we are all unique and we all deal with darkness differently. Listening, with a open mind and non-judgmental, is I believe the only thing left to do then…Understanding that the other person may need more time to heal again, then you did…

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