Woke Up Into A Nightmare

Went to bed with a hope,
Woke up not able to cope.
Prayed for hours,
Even believed in your powers.
What else was needed?
A heart bleeding?

Did not want to wake up,
Was having a more pleasant time holding an empty cup.
As sad as it seems,
The dreamed offered more divine streams,
More room to be what I never wanted to be,
To drop the pleas and open the door and scream; “FREE, FREE”

Such a reverse nightmare;
No faces, empty expressions, just visible air,
So different, yet familiar, so rare.
Many wake up from a nightmare,
Feel relieve and go back to bed.
Others, others like me,
Wake up into a nightmare; wanting, praying to be free.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

2 thoughts on “Woke Up Into A Nightmare

  1. Hey! Dream or nightmare in sleep or awake time can all be in our control for if we learn to lead or mind over letting our mind lead us may lead to an unpleasant experience. I will try to take this down and remember to post about mind power 🙂 I have written about it but under a different context 🙂 hope u have lovely dreams and you fight the nightmare when you are awake like a warrior.


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