New Flavor?

Never know the flavor of success,
Always entangle in failure; what a mess.
The sun shines bright and I still cover my heart
Rather write to end the empty flavor; the birth of a new art?

I write my poetry, but not like the earth does;
She leaves her mark on the clouds, words unspoken, yet they last for an eternity.
I write unspoken words in the trees transmuted into paper, they will last like the scent of a rose,
My poetry has a sense of defeat and her poetry always fills the heart with harmony.

The flavor of failure thought me how to be clever
Always wanting to change the world, a deadly endeavor.
Success will teach me how to be wise,
Thinking to help others just by changing myself; I can hear your cries.

Must break the control of the past
It has no power over my present; beginning of a new craft.
I desire my own love and affection
No more rejection.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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