Philosophy #106

“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”
Plato, The Republic


Let me commence by stating (or by asking,) What is the significance of inferior? What makes one inferior? Is the inadequate understanding of ourselves considered inferior? Perhaps the lack of comprehension of others make us inferior?

Arguably, what our beloved teacher and father of philosophy was attempting to indicate was that it is unpleasant and even grievous to be told what to do (or how to think) by someone who doesn’t even know how to think? Might also imply that it doesn’t make sense to be ruled by somebody that has no control of themselves (over their emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas)?

Such linear quote, yet inscribe with numerous interrogatives, perhaps it is me the one that is full of questions. The more I read this quote the more questions come to my head. For me and to my understanding, this quote simply means that to be ruled (told what to do, how to think) by somebody that does not exercise self-control (know themselves well enough or understand others) is indeed a catastrophe.

Take control over yourself, be the ruler of you and don’t allow others to exercise the control, they don’t possess, in you.

Leave your thoughts about this quote, I am intrigued to read how you perceive this quote or how you can dissect it further. Thank you and don’t forget to think, for a thing will be just a thing, until you think beyond that thing.

9 thoughts on “Philosophy #106

  1. how timely Manuel. you are always in tune with the world. Many great people refuse to lead, i wonder too. are they afraid of failure or just too humble to be at the front and only the boastful subordinate step up.

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  2. I agree that nobody is inferior, and the view that someone is comes from misunderstanding oneself and others.
    Yes, having someone try to tell you what to do when they have little understanding can be both annoying and damaging (damaging if the person they attempt to control has little faith in their own abilities or if they are made to go along with what this person thinks).
    I think it can be useful however to advise people in the way of talking things through with them, even though you may not be fully in control of your own emotions etc, but know there to be an equal footing between you both, not with one as the assumed superior and one as the assumed inferior. Because I think sharing and discussing is usually beneficial and connecting.
    An interesting quote, thanks for sharing with us all.


  3. pienso que estamos dentro de un a sociedad que debe regirse por reglas, algunas buenas y otras no tanto pero debe haber contención en determinados actos de los ciudadanos, no quiere decir que estoy totalmente de acuerdo, tal vez por que no me dejo llevar fácilmente- tengo mi punto de vista y no me adaptare por que lo demás lo hacen, bastante rebelde diría y puede ser por mi espíritu, que es inquieto y avasallante, pero es una cuestión personal, puedo estar gobernado por una autoridad establecida, pero tal vez yo no la vote, es mi pensamiento personal

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  4. WOW! Great post! I can only think of one person in my lifetime, so far, that I can say has made me feel inferior. She was a co-worker. I went home crying every single day. I never understood why I ever let her have such a hold on me. But, I was the one who allowed it. I let her pull me down. Once I realized what was really happening, I took control and confronted her. She consciously made an effort to change the way she treated me. I eventually quit my job due to moving out of state, due to my husband’s job transfer and we remain friends. But this woman taught me an important lesson in my life. Never let anyone treat you as if you were a nobody. We are all important. 🙂 Thanks for such a great post. I may use this idea for a future post.

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