Ode To Nikki

This is one of the first poems in the series IN YOUR SHOES, in which I try to put myself in your shoes and write a poem feeling your pain and sorrow. If you would like your emotions to be future on emotionsoflife please feel free to shoot me an email at 11manuel11osornio11@gmail.com, tell me your story (if you like your name and identity to be private, I will respect your wish, otherwise I can post a link to your blog so others check your work)

Today’s Poem Is about the pain that my good friend Patty felt (don’t forget to visit her blog) when one of her beloved dogs died. This is in memory of Nikki, Enjoy!!!

Ode To Nikki

Nikki, It has been two years and it still hurts,
The pain still pierces my soul.
I still remember the different ways you stole our hearts,
While you were in our lives, you made us feel whole.

You thought me to ignore negativity,
To stay calm and move forward even if life got rough.
I hold your face in my mind and soul, oh so vividly,
It is still tough to walk without you by my say, oh so tough.

I am sure Jourdy misses you too,
At times I can see it in his eyes.
Such a wise soul you had, one of the few,
Oh, so wise.

I always suspected you were mistreated
And even so, you were such a gentle soul.
Some people will never understand why I cry for you; people are people
And they would never be able to understand the way you made us feel whole.

With tears in my eyes, I see your pictures
And remember the day of your last surgery.
Your body was so fragile, but you survive, you survive!!! As if it was written in the scriptures,
For an eternity, we will remember your glory.

Nikki!!! Nikki!! A true warrior you were,
You will be forever in our memory.
If it was up to me, I would prefer……..
Prefer to have you here and feel your energy.

12 thoughts on “Ode To Nikki

  1. I am so proud to be the first in this new series of you and as I told you before: you transposed my feelings in a marvelous way. Thank you so much again, my dear friend!
    Big hug, XxX

    Liked by 1 person

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