The affection of a parent for an only child,
Emotions reconciled.
Not just a fond attachment; a pure devotion,
A light in this never-ending ocean.

Over and above our reason and sentiment,
Pure, pure love.
A place in all of our affections; definite,
That is the emotional realm of love.

Becoming a condition of being diseased?
An abnormal state of body and mind?
Tell me, who always believed?
Blind, blind affection, what could be hidden behind?

What about the act of affecting?
Acting upon?
The answer could be in the flaming eyes of Amon.

This contingent and accidental state will come to an end.
This affective aspect of mental processes will come to and end not just bend.
Welcome the new quality of being,
Seeing, agreeing, fleeing will not be part of our well-being.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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